The International Journal on Mental Health and Deafness (IJMHD) is the first peer-reviewed free-access journal on the field of mental health and deafness.

It is an Open Access publication. This means that all papers published can be accessed and downloaded for free by anyone. The Open Access movement evolved from the difficulties clinicians and researchers had accessing important work in their field because of the financial barriers put up by the traditional limited access publishers. This has sometimes meant that research paid for from public funds can only be accessed by the reader on payment of a fee.

Nowadays, the Journal is edited by Professor Barry WrightProfessor of Child Mental Health and runs a child mental health research stream, University of York and Tim RichardsonLeeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

As the IJMHD is an online journal, everybody who wants access its articles juts have to register at IJMHD webpage  www.ijmhd.org (registration and access to articles are completely free of charge).