I International Conference on Deaf People and Personality Disorders: The Need for a Careful Diagnostic Process and Special Treatment Facilities 

Dr. Tiejo van Gent, Phd is a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist specialized in mental health for deaf and hard of hearing children. He co-founded one of the first specialized inpatient and outpatient mental health services for deaf and hard of hearing children and young people worldwide. His research concerns the prevalence of mental health problems in deaf and hard of hearing children and adolescents, and associations between intrapersonal factors such as self-concept and ego development, putative chronic stressors and emotional and behavioral health disorders.

Stefannia Fadda is a Psychologist specialized in the field of Mental Health and Deafness and is a certified CBT Psychotherapist. She actively collaborates with the Association of Cognitive Psychology (APC) and the School of Cognitive Psychotherapy (SPC). Since 2008, she has been the Director of Centro Assistenza per Bambini Sordi e Sordociechi (CABSS) where she set up the first mental health service in Italy for deaf and deafblind children and their families.

Dr. Margaret du Feu was qualified in medicine in Cambridge and London. In 1991 she was appointed in Birmingham to develop the third service in England (after Manchester and London) for Mental Health and Deafness. In 2003 she started working half the week in Northern Ireland and in 2005 left Birmingham to include the Republic of Ireland in her work. Special interests include mental health prevention work and enduring mental illness. Special interests include mental health prevention work and enduring mental illness.

Dr. Ines Sleeboom is consultant psychiatrist in mental health and auditive disorders. She has more than 28 years experience in Mental Health and Auditive Disorders, training in Forensic Psychiatry, 30 years’ experience as a consultant in Mental Retardation and multi handicapped people. Dr. Sleeboom is president of the European Society for Mental Health and Deafness since 2007. She has many publications  in different languages on: Mental Health services for the Deaf (in Dutch, Spanish, English and French books), Psychopharmacology and Auditive Disorders, Mental health and Brain damage, cognitive disorders and brain damage (chapter, co-author books for professionals, co-editor books),  Deafblindness (Dutch, English) and others.

Verónica Pousa is a Clinical Psychologist. Since 2012 she is part of the specific Unit of Mental Health and Deafness for Adults, Child and Adolescents in the University Hospital of Basurto (Bilbao, Spain). She received the Master of Group Analytical Psychotherapy from the University of Deusto and the Basque Foundation for Research in Mental Health. She belongs, from 2013 up to the present, to the DBT's team (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). She is a teacher on the expert course on Psychotherapeutic Interventions Based on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy organized by OMIE Foundation and University of Deusto. She has published various articles in the field of mental health and deafness.

Dr. Nora Olazabal is a psychiatrist, working in Basurto Hospital. She did part of her training in USMS. Since 2012 she is part of the specific mental health clinic for deaf population.

Dr. Alexander Hamilton is the Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist with the St. Andrew’s Medium Secure Deaf Service in Northampton, England. His father is Deaf and he is the only CODA working as a consultant psychiatrist in Mental Health and Deafness in the UK. Dr Hamilton is a trustee of the British Society of Mental Health and Deafness.

Michele Bertulis has been a Speech and Language Therapist at Rampton High Secure Hospital since 2006. Having attained a BA (Hons) in Social Science many years ago, she was awarded a MMEDSCI in Clinical Communication Studies as a mature student at Sheffield University. Her current role involves working with both hearing and d/Deaf adults within the Mental Health Directorate, although many patients have comorbid conditions (Learning Disability, Personality Disorder, ADHD etc.) Michele has also recently taken up a secondment in a non-secure mental health unit to establish a Speech and Language Therapy pathway. Michele has achieved Level 3 in Linguistics and Expressive British Sign Language. She works collaboratively with Communication Support Workers and Sign Language Interpreters and is passionate about breaking down barriers which prevent patients from fully engaging with their treatment.